How to use Windbg to troubleshoot Blue Screen stop errors

Thankfully, Windows offers a built-in reset facility as an alternative to a full reinstallation, although you can reinstall Windows entirely using a USB drive or DVD if you’d prefer. But before running the SFC command, it is best to double-check that it is completely functional. Running CHKDSK can help with several Windows errors, including the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION stop code.

what causes windows stop errors

The directions work the same way no matter which version of Windows you’re using. Any differences will be called out below between these registry editing tasks in Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. You shouldn’t use the Registry Editor unless you know what you’re doing because you could corrupt your Windows operating system.

Run The Check Disk Utility

The name of data that is contained in a key is called a “value”. The actual data can have several formats and may be a string, a number, or a series of numbers. Using Regedit requires some knowledge of the basic structure of the Registry.

  • If you want to restore access to all apps, you can either delete the wholeExplorer key you created–along with DisallowRun  subkey and all the values.
  • When all steps have been finished, you can restart computers and check whether Windows 10 update error still occurs.
  • However, it is easier to merge REG files into a Registry by right-clicking the file and choosing “Merge”.
  • Now, while the stop code error fixes detailed above are for Windows 10, the vast majority are still applicable for Windows 11.
  • If you recently uninstalled a program, that program may have removed a .dll file that is necessary for Windows or a Windows program to work properly.

You can use the SFC scan to potentially fix BSoD errors with the MEMORY_MANAGEMENT stop code. Unfortunately, sometimes Windows updates can cause problems.

If you’re using a legally obtained copy of Windows, have a working internet connection, and if these options don’t work for you, you can contact Microsoft support here. For more information on how to manually update Windows, check out our article, „How to manually check for updates on a Windows 10 computer and install them.” If the hard drive is filled, free up some space by deleting documents and programs, or assign the partition more space.

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